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Clay & Modeling Dough - Polymer Clay Set 48 Colors
Clay & Modeling Dough - Polymer Clay Set 48 Colors
Clay & Modeling Dough - Polymer Clay Set 48 Colors
Clay & Modeling Dough - Polymer Clay Set 48 Colors
Clay & Modeling Dough - Polymer Clay Set 48 Colors
Clay & Modeling Dough - Polymer Clay Set 48 Colors
Clay & Modeling Dough - Polymer Clay Set 48 Colors

Polymer Clay Set 48 Colors

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  • VIBRANT & BRIGHT COLORS: Our premium quality polymer clay set includes 48 colors of 1oz pieces of clay in exciting and vivid colors for the ultimate experience in creative sculpting. Our clay sculpting kit includes 5 molding tools that work perfectly for sculpting miniatures, figurines, home décor items, jewelry and other clay accessories. Each of the 48 colors in our clay modeling kit are smooth and pliable and can be blended together to create custom colors!
  • BLENDABLE & EASY TO WORK WITH: Our premium baking clay is soft and smooth, making it perfect for those who prefer to work with their hands. The variety of colors included in our professional-grade clay bake kit provides endless ideas for what you can create! Your imagination is the limit! Our sculpting clay kit is so easy to use and suited to seasoned crafters and beginners alike. The colors stay vivid after baking and harden up to create durable artwork you're sure to love for a long time.
  • BAKES IN YOUR OVEN: No kiln required! This premium bake clay is so easy to work with! Simply mold and fold until your shape is made and then pop it in the oven. After preheating the oven to 265 degrees, place the oven bake clay sculptures on an oven-safe glass or metal surface and bake for 15 minutes per each ¼ in. Timing may vary due to different ovens. Once baked, stand back and admire your creation! Our bake clay is safe and non-toxic, so it’s the perfect baking clay for your family.
  • INCLUDES 5 SCULPTING TOOLS: Our polymer clay kits come with everything you need and is ready to work with right out of the box! We've included 5 different plastic sculpting tools you can use to shape, mold and create unique details. This all-in-one kit is safe and easy to work with and is the perfect gift for that crafty loved one or a fun activity with friends! Clean up after using our polymer clay oven bake kit is a breeze! Simply wash tools and hands with soap and water after use.

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Our premium-quality polymer clay kit includes 48 colors of 1oz. of individually wrapped oven bake clay, plus 5 plastic sculpting tools so you can start creating right out of the box! Each of the vibrant and rich colors can be molded and folded together to make beautiful shapes, patterns and are super smooth and blendable so you can create unique custom colors. Sculpt adorable figurines and miniatures, create eye-catching jewelry, or gift this ultimate polymer sculpting clay experience to a crafty friend! Our easy to work with polymer clay is soft and pliable so crafters new and experienced will enjoy creating color sculpting clay designs. Once your creations are complete, simply bake in your oven to cure. Once baked, stand back and admire your work! Complete instructions are included on the packaging. We are a small family owned American business committed to producing professional grade art supplies designed for free-spirited crafters. We proudly stand behind the quality of all our products and strive to set ourselves apart by providing exceptional customer service. If you have any questions on the details of our products or how to use them, just reach out! We are here to help out our fellow crafters in any way we can.

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