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Double Sided Woodworking Tape 2"
Double Sided Woodworking Tape 2"
Double Sided Woodworking Tape 2"
Double Sided Woodworking Tape 2"
Double Sided Woodworking Tape 2"

Double Sided Woodworking Tape 2"

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  • COMPATIBLE W/ ALL WOOD TYPES & CNC MACHINES: This woodworking double sided tape is designed for woodworking projects using any wood type. Our woodwork tape is suitable for hand wood working , working with CNC machines and CNC router accessories. Our premium woodworking tape has just the right amount of grip making it easy to work with. This wood tape works great with a wood CNC machine or for splicing, routing and anchoring. This two sided tape for woodworking is 2 in wide and 90 ft long.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE: Our premium wood working double sided tape is ideal for the professional woodworker and serious wood home crafters. Our high strength double sided adhesive tape is specifically tailored for the needs of woodworkers. It is specifically calibrated for wood working and is the ideal tackiness and thickness that allows it to be applied and removed easily without lifting or chipping the wood’s surface. It also features a cloth backing that makes it easy to work with.
  • SUPERIOR ADHESION: This heavy duty woodworking double sided sticky tape offers excellent adhesion for optimal stability. The silicone-based adhesive securely holds pieces and templates in place while routing. This removable double sided adhesive tape doesn't excessively grip, allowing for delicate pieces to be removed once they are cut out without breaking. This woodworking tape will not damage the wood's surface as its being removed like other tapes, making it the best choice for woodworking.
  • REMOVES EASILY & RESIDUE-FREE: Our removable double sided adhesive tape can be applied and peeled off easily without leaving a sticky, messy residue behind. This double sided adhesive tape is designed specifically to be used with wood and won't damage or lift the wood's delicate surface during removal. Our professional woodworking tape is specifically tailored for the needs of woodworkers and can be used when making furniture, boxes, shelves and crafts or other works of art.


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Our premium Double Sided Woodworking Tape is specifically designed to be used with all types of woods, the silicone adhesive offers superior hold and then can be easily removed without damaging the wood or leave a residue behind. This industrial grade tape measures 2 inches wide and is 90 feet long, 250 micron thickness and can be used with CNC machines or for splicing, routing, anchoring and more to create beautiful wood furniture, boxes and artwork. We are a small family owned American business committed to producing professional grade art supplies designed for free-spirited crafters. We proudly stand behind the quality of all our products and strive to set ourselves apart by providing exceptional customer service. If you have any questions on the details of our products or how to use them, just reach out! We are here to help out our fellow crafters in any way we can.

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