72 Watercolor Pencils Set

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  • WIDE VARIETY OF VIBRANT COLORS: Our premium quality watercolor pencil set includes 72 highly pigmented colors for endless possibilities of magnificent drawings and watercolor works of art! These water color colored pencils can be used wet or dry making them extremely versatile. Simply add water to bring your ideas to life through various techniques including gradients, layering, blending & more! Our high quality painting pencils set laydown color beautifully and are so easy to work with!
  • BLEND BEAUTIFULLY: Whether you are creating a nature scene, capturing a portrait or anything in between, our water colored pencils are extremely blendable and easy to layer. These water color pencils for artists glide across watercolor paper effortlessly! Simply add a drop of water to the drawn lines to activate the watercolor effects. This highly-pigmented watercolor colored pencil set comes in a protective tin box to prevent the tips from breaking, and makes it a great gift!
  • WORKS WET OR DRY: These watercolor colored pencils are extremely versatile! When used dry they draw like traditional colored pencils. Add a drop of water to drawn lines and use a brush to activate the watercolor effects! Easily create beautiful color washes or for a more pigmented effect, dip the pencil tip in water before drawing. This set features pencil trays to keep the colors organized and safe and comes in a protective tin case that prevents breakage while keeping the set neatly stored.
  • RICH & HIGHLY PIGMENTED: The rich pigment of our watercolor colored pencils glides across the paper with an effortless flow of vivid color. The color laydown is excellent and these pencils are easier to work with than traditional water color paints! These water color pencils work great with our Hippie Crafter Watercolor Paper and are perfect for beginners through advanced level artists. This vast array of 72 water color pencils for artists is sure to add unique colors to your collection!