72 Pc Professional Colored Pencils Set

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  • LARGE VARIETY OF VIBRANT COLORS: Our premium quality colored pencils for art includes 72 highly pigmented colors for endless possibilities of magnificent drawings! The rich pigment of our art colored pencils effortlessly transfers onto paper with a smooth color laydown that makes sketching techniques come through beautifully. Our pencil colors for adults are ideal for beginner through professional artists. This colored pencil set works great with our Hippie Crafter Sketch pad! Try both today!
  • RICH & VELVETY, SOFT CORE: You will immediately notice how the creamy texture of the lead comes through to bring your ideas to life! Our professional colored pencils are premium artist grade and are each labeled with a name and number for fast and easy color identification. These highly pigmented colored pencils have vibrant effects when applied firmly or for a more muted effect, use a gentle application. The possibilities are endless!
  • BLENDS BEAUTIFULLY: Whether sketching a portrait, scenes in nature or anything in between, our softcore colored pencils allow for premium quality blending for depth and dimension. Use our artist coloring pencils to add layers or easily blend multiple colors. These professional coloring pencils are made with premium quality wood so they will hold up through multiple projects and last you a long time. Our artist quality soft color pencil set will be your go-to for quality sketching and drawing!
  • COMES IN PROTECTIVE TIN: Our artist sketching pencils come with trays that keep your pencils safe and neatly store in the protective tin case. This durable case prevents breakage and can be easily taken anywhere so that you can create wherever inspiration strikes! Put any of the 72 brilliant colors to work and take your own creative design from concept to reality! Whether art is your profession, or if art is your hobby, these art colored pencils will work for you!