25 Acrylic Paint Markers

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  • VIBRANT & ULTRA-PIGMENTED: Our premium grade acrylic paint marker set includes 25 vivid colors that provide excellent opaque coverage. The full spectrum of colors in our acrylic markers set lets your creativity run wild! These acrylic marker pens are blendable to add dimension and depth. Our professional grade acrylic markers paint most surfaces and work great on canvas, paper or as paint markers for rocks, metal paint markers, glass painting pens, paint pens for plastic surfaces and more!
  • WORKS ON MOST SURFACES: These acrylic paint marker pens can be used on most surfaces making them extremely versatile! They work great on canvas, paper, glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, rubber, fabric and more! Our acrylic painting markers are vibrant and rich colors and are perfect as paint markers for rocks. Our non-toxic water based paint pens also work great as paint markers for glass painting, acrylic paint markers for plastic, ceramic marker pens, paint pens for acrylic painting and more!
  • INCLUDES CHISEL & ROUND TIPS: Our set of painters acrylic paint pens includes 25 chisel tips and 25 round tips so you have both for each of the colors. These different nibs allow you more creative freedom! Use them to draw thin or wide lines and create different effects. The chisel tip is excellent for detail work and our formula is quick-drying so you can keep working. Whether you need a round tip for a smooth color laydown or a chiseled tip for highlights, this set has got you covered!
  • SMOOTH CONSISTENCY: These paint pens for acrylic painting have a smooth flow of beautiful color making them so easy to work with! Our non toxic paint markers do not emit harsh fumes and are water-based so clean-up is a breeze with just soap and water. To use our acrylic markers paint pens, simply insert the desired tip, shake vigorously for 10 seconds, hold pen with tip upright, open the cap and press tip with your finger. Then press the marker tip down on paper until moist and filled with color

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