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  • 24 VIBRANT COLORS: Our premium grade dyes are ultra-pigmented to produce rich and bright designs. This complete tie-dye kit comes with 24 colors that span the entire color spectrum to ensure that you can get exactly the look that you’re aiming for. Our professional grade dyes produce beautiful, long-lasting results. This all-in-one kit is suitable as tie dye kits for adults and tie dye kit for kids and teens. Our premium grade tiedye kit will take your handmade art to the next level!
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Comes with everything you need to let your creativity run wild and create amazing wearable art. It comes with 24 Bags of Dye Powders, 24 Squeeze Bottles, 4 Spray Bottles, 100 Rubber Bands, 5 Pairs of Gloves, 2 Plastic Funnels, 1 Plastic Work Sheet and Step-by-Step Instructions. This tie dye shirt kit is ideal as a tie dye kit for adults and as a kids tie dye kit. This tie dye party tub makes a perfect creative craft kits for adults women and men and crafts for kids
  • BONUS SPRAY APPLICATORS: Our kit includes spray bottles and squirt bottles for tie dye that can be used for a variety of tie dye techniques and create amazing unique effects. This spray tie dye kit allows you more creative freedom to create looks different than traditional tie dye. Spray tie dye is a great way to elevate the traditional tie-dye look and make it more modern. Our professional grade tie dye ink is washable and long-lasting and remains bright and bold through repeated washings.
  • NON-TOXIC & SAFE: Our tie die making kit is non-toxic and safe for all ages. We use premium grade tie dye powder that penetrates fabric without harsh chemicals. Simply add the tie dye packets of dye powders to the included tie dye bottles and shake to make fabric dye for tie dye. Our tie dye party kit includes gloves and a plastic sheet which protects your work area and makes clean up a breeze. This non-toxic all-in-one kit can be used as a tie dye kit adult or tie dye kit kids.


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