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  • VARIETY OF VIBRANT COLORS: Our mica powder assortment comes with 24 different colors that span the full color spectrum. These mica pigments can be used to color epoxy resin, bath bombs, nail polish, paint and more. It also works great as candle wax dye, pigment for slime coloring and soap mica. Our pigment powders are fade resistant to keep your projects looking great over time. Choose from the array of colors or take your project to the next level by creating your own custom colors!
  • FOR EPOXY & MORE: These rich and vibrant mica powder pigments can be used as a colorant for handmade products and art. Our premium powdered mica flakes can easily be added to a viscous mediums like art resin , deep pour epoxy and acrylic paint for a brilliant shimmering, pearlescent effect. These mica flakes can be used as mica powder for epoxy resin , epoxy resin color pigment and resin mica powder. These also works great as mica powder for soap making , pigment powder for nails and more!
  • ULTRA-PIGMENTED: Our mica powder pigment set is professional artist grade and highly concentrated to offer exceptional payout. A little of these super saturated mica powders goes a long way making them an excellent value. This set of pearl mica powder has so many different uses and is a very fun addition to resin pieces and paintings. Also ideal as soap colorant for soap making and candle dye. Our pure mica powder set features beautiful shimmery tones that color and blend beautifully.
  • EASY TO BLEND: These premium mica powders blend effortlessly with one another and with liquid mediums like epoxy, paint and wax. Use the pure color powders as is or blend them together to create the custom color of your dreams! Each color comes in a resealable jar that keeps moisture and contaminants out. This set comes in a sturdy box for neat and tidy storage. Our powders are easy to work with and can be used to create beautiful, shimmery, light reflective effects in all types of handmade art.