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  • HIGH-HEAT RESISTANT: Our high temperature tape stands up to heat making it suitable for craft projects that require a heat resistant tape. It won't melt or leave a messy residue behind making it ideal for working with epoxy resin. This high temp tape works great with pour on epoxy and encapsulating resin and can be used to create stunning projects including an epoxy river table. Our high temperature adhesive tape won't curl or melt like other tapes is perfect for your epoxy and resin projects.
  • RESIDUE FREE: Our epoxy tape can be easily removed and won’t leave sticky residue behind that could compromise the beauty of your project. This no residue tape won't stick to to resin epoxy and is easy to work with as it removes quickly and cleanly from resin epoxy. This premium resin tape works great when working with 2 part epoxy molds , an epoxy resin table or as an encapsulation tape, Our premium resin tape sticks well, results in nice, clean lines and peels off with no residue left behind.
  • CHEMICAL & UV RESISTANT: This epoxy resin tape retains adhesion when exposed to chemicals, high heat and light making it ideal for crafting and working with professional marine grade epoxy. High heat tape offers superior strength with low shrinkage during curing while being tough and resistant to chemical and environmental damage. This heavy duty, hi temp epoxy tape is suited to working with molds for epoxy resin or jewelry making or deep pours when creating an epoxy table and other projects
  • SILICONE ADHESIVE TAPE FOR POWDER COATING: This high heat silicone adhesive is suitable for high temperature applications and can be used as a powdercoat tape and photo-splicing tape. This high temp silicone adhesive tape is heat and chemical resistant making it ideal for use as a heat tape for powder coating , heat resistant epoxy tape , silicone splicing tape , high temp tape powder coat , green powder coating tape and more. This hi temp silicone tape removes easily and won't leave a residue.