Acrylic Pouring Paint 24 Color Set

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  • 24 RICH & VIBRANT COLORS: Our premium grade acrylic pouring paint set includes 24 ultra-pigmented colors that can be used to create stunning, professional grade artwork and crafts. This pouring acrylic paint set includes primaries, secondary, tertiary and metallic colors allowing you more creative freedom! The premixed pouring paint kit comes in convenient squeeze bottles that allow you to easily dispense only the amount of acrylic pouring paint you want to use to reduce pouring paint waste.
  • PRE-MIXED & READY-TO-POUR: Our high-flow premixed pouring paint kit is formulated with the pouring medium mixed in so there's no additional prep needed! Simply shake bottle well, pour directly on to desired surface and then tip the object in multiple directions to allow the paint to flow creating stunning and unique effects. Our acrylic paint for pouring is the ideal formula for optimal results. Save time and leave less room for error like when using an additional acrylic paint pouring medium.
  • ALL-PURPOSE POURING PAINT: This acrylic pouring kit works beautifully on a wide range of surfaces making it perfect for creating a variety of projects. Our professional artist grade acrylic pouring paint kit can be directly poured on canvas, glass, paper, wood, tile, stones and more! The colors of our premium acrylic paints for pouring are rich and saturated, marvel at the depth of color that our pouring paint set can add to your art! Includes several gorgeous pouring metallic acrylic paints.
  • NON-TOXIC & SAFE: These acrylic paint pouring supplies clean up easily with soap and water. Our acrylic paints are non toxic making them safer for you, your family and the planet. The squeezable bottles allow you to easily control how much paint you are using. These pouring paints have a silky smooth consistency and the colors are bright and vibrant when dry. Our premixed pouring paints takes the stress out of finding the right formulas, it comes perfectly mixed for you, just shake and pour!