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5 Acrylic Paint Projects to Try Out This Year

5 Acrylic Paint Projects to Try Out This Year

There are over 2 million Americans who describe "artist" as their primary occupation. Add these 2 million to the number of people who do art as a side job, and the number of people who engage in it just for fun, and you have a huge number of people. 

Are you planing some painting projects for 2022? Then you're going to need some great supplies. Our acrylic paint options are perfect for any dedicated artist — whether it's their "primary occupation" or not. 

But what exactly should you do after you purchase acrylic paint? This article will walk you through a few fun paint projects to try out in 2022.

1. Get Abstract

With COVID cracking down right at the beginning of the year 2022, the 2020s as a decade haven't had time to define themselves culturally or artistically. 

However, all signs are pointing to a revolution in the world of arts and culture. Hypermodern styles are becoming popular once again, and we believe that abstract painting is about to come back in fashion. 

Abstract painting strips painting down to its source. Rather than being about representation, figure, message, and perspective, it's all about spatial relations, the way colors play off each other, and how well the artist can article a personal vision without saying anything directly. 

In many ways, abstract art is the purest sort of art. To be good at it, all it takes is for one to understand the plastic values of art — which is harder than it seems. 

Abstract art can incorporate prints, cutouts, found materials, and anything else you can think of. However, color and textures are always important elements in visual art. You're going to need some great acrylic paints if you want to make great abstract art. 

 Our pouring paint is perfect for the action-painter in you. Simply pour the paint over your canvass at whatever volume, force, and velocity suits you the best. You can even turn your canvas around to create a kaleidoscopic effect. 

This is the perfect final touch to any piece of abstract art — or a great jumping-off point for creative communication. 

Here's a great video on how to create a beautiful abstract painting with our Acrylic Pouring Paint Set and Black Stretched Canvas!

2. Paint a Sunset

If abstract art just isn't your thing, and you prefer nice paintings to look at and feel proud of, why not paint a sunset? Sunsets combine the ease and textural power of abstract art with an image based in the real world. (You can see one every night!)

The ease it takes to paint a nice sunset makes it popular for paint-nights and beginners. However, you can use this simple form to better your technical skills and become a great painter. 

3. Create Some Pop Art

If you already have some basic drawing skills, you're in for a treat. You can combine the vibrant power of abstract art and the vivid color skills you learned by painting sunsets to create some awesome pop art. 

Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein are probably the most famous pop artists, reappropriating kitsch, commercial, camp, and popular culture, remixing the colors, repeating the patterns, and turning it into high art. 

So why not reappropriate anything from your own life? Why not draw yourself? — a friend of yours? — a pet? — a movie poster — why not turn them all into a work of art by changing those colors around? 

4. Paint Knick-Knacks 

Individual works of art can have many purposes, but a life devoted to art means one thing — a commitment to filling the brain with beautiful things. 

Any art-lover out there wants to extend the world out of the canvas and into the real world. This is why the greatest cities in the world — such as Philadelphia — have phenomenal murals. You can also always head outside and see a movie, a work of theatre, listen to music while you cook, or catch street performers; the world is full of art. 

One of the best ways to extend art into your personal experience is to paint the matter that you find in your apartment. 

If you love plants and flowers, why not paint your flowerpot to suit your fancy? Flowerpots are famously great at responding to the materials of acrylic paint and will create a look that will truly shine. 

If you celebrate Christmas, why not handprint your own Christmas ornaments? Nothing says — home — like your own creation hanging off of a tree. 

On Halloween, painting a pumpkin could be more fun, more aesthetically pleasing, and less messy than carving one. 

You can also use your creative imagination. Buy ceramic skulls, cardboard letters, knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and paint them to suit your fancy. What's the worst that can happen? — at the end of the day you'll wind up with a room full of your art. 

You may want to try our acrylic pouring paint set for your painting projects.  

5. Recreate the Black Paintings 

For the art purists out there, you might have fun recreating Ad Reinhardt's famously subversive black paintings from the 1960s. 

Ad Reinhardt was an abstract artist devoted to the aesthetics of abstract art. He eventually became so opposed to representative art, that the last few years of his production were dedicated to creating paintings using only shades of black laid out in symmetrical patterns.

These paintings were subversive at the time, but contemporary art-lovers have appreciated the infinite level of variations he was able to create with just the shades of black. 

Ad Reinhardt famously said that his paintings were only his because he painted them. If anyone else painted one of his black paintings, that painting would be their's — in an age where copyright is king, Ad Reinhardt is surely a rebellious figure. 

Reinhardt saw infinite value in artists painting paintings of all black — he believed it would teach them about form and restraint. So why not buy our Mars Black paint and try one yourself?

Hippie Crafter pouring paint used on abstract painting


Try Out These Acrylic Paint Projects

Whether you're a devotee of expressionistic abstract art, like painting concrete sunsets, prefer to live in the world of pop culture with Warhol and Lichenstein, simply want to decorate your life, or are a hardcore aesthete devote to the aesthetics of abstraction, there's surely an acrylic paint project for you.

For more information, contact us today.