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3 Ways Macrame is Different than Crocheting

3 Ways Macrame is Different than Crocheting

While the Do It Yourself (DIY) trend has been around for a while now, the desire to create handmade home décor has recently seen a major uptick. Heck, even I think to myself, “I know I can make that!” whenever I see a new item I like.


Artists, crafters, and hobbyists and even some of us Hippie Crafter staff are having a blast working with our hands to create fun and exciting items, and macrame art and crocheted items are among the most popular.


While you’ve probably heard of crocheting – maybe Aunt Ida crocheted your baby booties when you were an infant – macrame is gaining popularity once again. In fact, macrame is something even newbie crafters can do!


What is Macrame?

Macramé is the practice of knotting cord to create cool patterns and different textiles. When finished, you’ve got a pretty unique decorative piece perfect for display in your home.


Macrame All Day!

A macrame art piece isn’t just a conversation starter, it can be functional, too! Need to hang your plants beautifully in the corner of your living room? Macrame plant hanger. Want to store your fruit off the kitchen counter. Macrame fruit hammock. Need some unique placemats to protect your wood finished kitchen table? Boom. Macrame placemats.


3 ways Macrame is different than Crocheting

Before getting into Macrame, I honestly didn’t know how different it was than crocheting. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about how distinct they really are.

Tools: While both crocheting and macrame can be listed under the category of “handicraft,” Crochet requires a hooked needle to loop yarn into a pattern. Macrame requires no tools, except of course if you count your own two hands, because that’s all you need to create patterned knots!

Material Type: While there is yarn that you’ll definitely want to stick to (and avoid!) with crocheting, macrame lends itself to different types of yarn, cord and rope. Check out our Hippie Crafter Macrame 3mm Cord will not disappoint!

 Material Length: The length of material you’ll need for these projects also differs. macrame is an art that lends itself to using several different cord lengths that are knotted together. When crocheting, you typically stick with the same yarn length throughout the project. 

So, there you have it! Three clear-cut differences between crocheting and macrame. While it does take some practice to get going, macrame is the “Boho-inspired” design you’ve been waiting for, so don’t be afraid to get started.


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Happy Knotting!