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10 Epoxy Resin Art Ideas You Should Try in 2021

10 Epoxy Resin Art Ideas You Should Try in 2021

Did you know the global epoxy resin market value is expected to be over 11 billion dollars by the end of 2021? That's an increase of almost 4 billion USD since 2015.

This versatile product has been used for years by the airline and construction industry. But people have also discovered the beauty, simplicity, and longevity of epoxy resin art.

This craft is easily done in your home or a classroom. Unlike glass, pottery, or plastic art, it doesn't require heat, fire, or heavy machinery to complete it.

Do you have a container of epoxy resin laying around awaiting your creativity? Below is a list of 10 ideas to get you started!

1. Decorations

The possibilities are endless in the epoxy resin crafts category. Do you have old wooden mixing spoons?

Decorate them with your favorite colors and flowers mixed in the clear epoxy resin.

Then, add leather shoelace string to the handle and hang it on your wall as a fun collage in your kitchen. 

2. Tea Light Holder

Have you ever received flowers from someone and wanted to preserve them as a keepsake?

Buy a small glass container or find one in your house that you don't need anymore.

Then, pour the epoxy resin into the container and arrange your flowers. Press a glass tea light holder into the center and let it harden. 

3. Coasters

Do you have some old mason jar lids hanging around that you don't need anymore?

Transform them into beautiful coasters for your home!

Impress your next house guests with a coastal-themed project. Collect sand and seashells from the beach to place in the resin inside the mason jar ring. 

4. Decorative Cheese Board

Decide what shape you desire for your cheese board and draw it on a piece of white poster board. Cover the board with plastic wrap and tape down the corners of both the plastic and poster board.  

Use silicone in a caulking gun to outline your drawing. Once the silicone has hardened, you can begin inserting epoxy resin into the outline. 

To create a marbled look to the mold, add thin layers of the clear epoxy resin. Allow each layer to harden before adding the next layer. 

You can mix in paint or dye to each layer to create a marbled look. However, keep the outer layers on top and bottom strictly clear to keep the board food safe. 

5. Confetti Epoxy Resin Tray

Here, you only need a wooden frame, a few scraps of your favorite paper, and some glitter for this project. 

Be sure to clean the wood if you're using an antique picture frame. 

Slice and dice scrap paper to the shapes and sizes you enjoy and place them in your wooden frame. Then, fill the floor of the frame with a thick layer of paper. Mix the glitter and the paper to add a pop of shimmer to your tray. 

Finally, pour the resin into the tray until it covers the paper and glitter completely, and let it cure. 

6. Epoxy Floors

From laying pennies to designing a fun mural on the floor, you can use epoxy resin to create a one-of-a-kind entryway, foyer, kitchen, or living room.

A creative design will leave your friends and family in awe of your crafting talents. 

The glossy finish will also create a high-end feel in any room you're making over. 

7. Countertops

For bigger jobs such as countertops, you'll need a gallon of epoxy resin. You'll also need to do some prep work to get this project done, especially when putting plastic down to prevent a mess all over the cupboards and floors.

Epoxy resin crafts with counters can be really messy, so protection is key. But, with this renovation idea, you can transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. 

Don't forget to put a layer of clear epoxy resin on the top layer without adding any extra chemicals to keep it food safe. 

8. Tabletops

Do you collect bottle caps? Or maybe you have some river rocks from a vacation in the mountains?

Arrange them on your wooden dining room table or coffee table in the living room, and pour epoxy resin for wood on your arrangement. 

It's a great way to preserve a cracked antique table as well. Insert sand or stones in the crack and pour the resin to create a flat surface. Doing so will preserve the piece for many years to come.

9. Lamps

Search for a keepsake toy from your childhood or one that meant a lot to your own child.

Then, spray paint the toy with your favorite color and place it inside a clear glass lamp base.

Fill the base with the clear epoxy resin by pouring it over the center of the base, allowing it to flow into all the spaces.

Just be sure to let it cure for 24 hours before using the lamp.

10. Paintings

A resin painting can be as large or little as you'd like. You can add many different materials to your painting before pouring the epoxy resin.

A trendy design is to pour the paint into an abstract form. The painting can be on a canvas or a piece of wood. Epoxy bonds well with wood and will last for years. 

Enjoy Your Epoxy Resin Art

With these 10 ideas to get you started, your house and yard will be the talk of the town!

You could even use these ideas to make some extra cash on Etsy with your creative epoxy resin art. Or, you can create inexpensive gifts for holidays or birthdays. 

The possibilities are endless! For more craft ideas, come on over and visit our site. Here at Hippie Crafter, we're your go-to for inventive craft ideas and supplies!